Northern California Laborers Union Master Agreement

The AEC has played a leading role in cooperation with workers and other industry groups on key California laws and regulations regarding the construction trade union industry. The AEC negotiates collective agreements for the contractor working in Northern California, including the Carpenters Master Agreement and the Laborers Master Builders Agreement. In addition, the CEA negotiates cement Masons and Operating Engineers agreements on behalf of its members who have signed such agreements. The success of the COLLECTIVE bargaining of the CEA is due to the active participation of the contractors of their member companies, led by experienced collaborators. We currently have about 1,700 undersigned employers in Northern California. Each of these employers has security if they know that the collective agreement they signed was negotiated and agreed upon by a group of their fellow executives. By working in collaborative working relationships, we ensure that your employees are productive, motivated and maintain competitive wages and working conditions. The following agreements constitute a number of important interprofessional agreements in Northern California: the Association of Employer Builders (CEA) consists of about 100 leading unionized contractors (mainly industrial and industrial contractors) who carry out construction work in Northern California. Our membership base makes more than $10 billion in public and private investment each year.

The AEC is the only organization whose sole purpose is to protect and promote the interests of the trade union industrial construction industry in Northern California. Our effectiveness as an organization is largely due to the active interest and participation of the owners and sponsors of member companies. The AEC membership list is a true list of “Who`s Who in the Northern California Building Construction Industry.” The Northern California District Council of Laborers and its representative bargaining committee are responsible for negotiating industrial agreements on behalf of its local affiliate unions in all 46 counties in Northern California. The professional staff of the AEC takes a preventive approach to the resolution of labour disputes and offers quality representation in appeal and arbitration procedures. In addition, the AEC provides its members with up-to-date work information, including changes to salaries and ancillary benefits and other trade union-related issues.