Happiness Is The Maximum Agreement Of Reality And Desire

To what is the purpose of life: in the short time they have, continue to grow and learn. To seek the truth and accept things as they are. See the world as it really is. So, just to live your life. I think that`s it. Any meaning or profound purpose leads only to ideologies that lead to desires and belief systems, disappointments and conflicts. For me, peace is happiness in peace and happiness is peace in motion. You can turn peace into happiness at any time, if you like. You can improve your happiness base very slowly, but regularly and methodically, just as you can improve your fitness. What I find is that 90% of the thoughts I have are terrified. 90% are anxious. The remaining 10% is probably based on wishes. The reality is that you were dead for the history of the universe, it`s 10 billion years or more.

You will be dead for the next 70 billion years, until the hot death of the universe. We don`t always get what we want, but sometimes what happens is for the best. The sooner you can accept it as a reality, the sooner you can adapt to it. As you get older, you realize that there is no material chance. “The folly of one human being is the reality of another person.” “Tim Burton The means of learning are plentiful, it is the desire to learn that is rare. If I run a school program for children, I would probably optimize happiness, nutrition, diet, exercise, “How do you build good habits?”, “How are you going to break bad habits?”, “How do you have good relationships?” “How do you find your spouse?”, meditation, “How do you build basic skills, not many facts by heart?”, “What books should you read?” Choose your overwhelming desire. It doesn`t matter if you suffer. But to all other wishes, let them go so that you can be calm and peaceful and relaxed. Maximum leverage would mean that you would have people working for you. It means you have financing, you have capital.

That would mean you would write a book, it would mean that you would write code and build a presence in the media. Call to action: Check out the Navals website to learn more about business, money, happiness and wisdom.