Fhsu Transfer Articulation Agreement

Barton and FHSU have teamed up to propose several new 2-2, transferguide agreements. For more details, visit the FHSU website. Bachelor programs are offered in accounting, agriculture, biology and secondary education, computer science, criminal justice, Early Childhood Unified, Elementary Education, Finance, Health Studies, International Business – Economics, Management, Marketing, Mathematics – Secondary Education, Nursing, Psychology, Social Work, and Technology Leadership. Any butler student who has acquired a business administration/accounting science associate ensures that Northwest accepts certain creditized hours for freshly cooked and sophomore business management, as stipulated in this agreement, the general training credits required to conclude the AS, as well as all general and sophomore hours required by Northwest beyond the conclusion of the AS. Northwest applies to the Bachelor of Science in Business Management in a manner consistent with the treatment of Aboriginal students. Fort Hays State University accepts transfer credits from all U.S. institutions accredited at the regional level. The FHSU also accepts military appropriations assessed by the American Council on Education. Audit credits AP, CLEP, DSST, Excelsior and ACTFL are also accepted on the basis of evaluation. International credits may also be accepted if assessed by NACE members. Look at the Chamberlain College of Nursing articulation agreement.

Watch Pittsburg State`s Teacher Education Transfer Equivalency Agreement. “An articulation agreement is a printed program guide that budding students and their Community College advisors can use for course selection,” says Erica Fisher, Drunk and Recruit Coordinator for Dieikulation Artulation. For more information on how Barton classes are transferred to all K-State campuses and online programs, visit K-State`s transfer equivalency website. The Kansas Board of Regents has approved an increasing number of guaranteed transfer rates. A student who completes one of these courses at a public university, university community or specialized university in Kansas can transfer the course to any Kansas public institution that offers an equivalent course.