We do not take on many restorations because the time involved is difficult to schedule in our workshop. So these tend to be long term jobs where customers are not in a hurry !

Also they are expensive to do and something like the XS1100 can easily cost upwards of £4000-.

Here is a selection of our previous rebuilds.



1956 Ariel VB 500cc Red Hunter


Brought as a basket case and rebuilt to a good rideable condition. The parts had been hand painted black and work included repairs to mudguards and stand ,wheel rebuilds, rewiring, recovering seat .Paintwork (by c&c finishers southend) and chroming carried out by specialists ,most of the spares required supplied by Draganfly motorcycles , Suffolk


Royal Enfield 500ES

To dismantle and Rebuild into a more 1950's style looking machine .Relocation of electrics etc to slim down and tidy up appearance, Powder coating by CTC at Maldon most parts from Hitchcocks,


Yamaha XS1100

Full Nut and bolt restoration, including total engine rebuild .Paintwork by Boyz Toyz Chroming by Hockley Enterprises


BSA A65 street scrambler


converted for road use for a customer from a 'pre65' scrambles machines , work included carrying out all legal paperwork and registration etc. Also fitting out for road use inc fitting lights modifying mudguard braces changing tanks and silencers .


BSA B28 1928


Here we took on a project that had been started by another restorer who unfortunately passed away . The machine arrived as seen in boxes and we worked from there. Various parts had to be sourced and other parts like Exhausts pipes and cable adjuster parts had to be made from scratch. Mudguards/silencers and other tinware was also repaired. The engine and gearbox had been completed by the previous restorer so they needed little attention only setting up etc.

Paintwork (tanks/gaurds etc) by Shelly's Paintshop in Hawkwell , Plating by Kings on Canvey .