Used Warranty FAQ
The used bikes we sell come with one of 3 types of warranty
1. The remainder of the manufactures warranty
2. Shop backed warranty. Either 1, 3 or 6 months

1. Manufacturers Warranty
If the bike is relatively new then it will come with the remains of the manufacturers warranty. The terms and conditions will be laid out in the owners handbook.
Again this provided on a 'return to base' basis

2. Shop Backed Warranty.
This means we will warrant the bike we sell as a shop. the warranty is on a 'return to base' basis and does not cover you for work to be carried out at other dealerships.
Like most warranties there are terms and conditions they are.
1. Wear and tear items are excluded .(punctures, chains/sprockets, tyres, brakes pads/shoes, bulbs etc.)
2. Existing bodywork / cosmetic damage is excluded
3. Accident damage / modifications / abuse excluded.
4. Servicing must be kept up to date as per the manufacturers schedule.
This means things like wheel bearings,most electrical, running issues and engine problems will all be covered.

Again this is obvious , the bike will most likely be either a non runner or in poor cosmetic condition .
the price will reflect this and no Warranty or Guarantee will be offered as to the vehicles condition or road worthiness.

Return to Base.
Again this is fairly obvious this means the vehicle must be returned to us for teh work to be done at your expense/direction.
If you are a member of a recovery service (aa etc) then that is your best bet.
If you require us to collect your vehicle we can arrange to collect on a reduced cost basis for local areas (within 25 miles approx of southend)